Thin Pneumatic Air Cylinder CQ2

The Thin Pneumatic Air Cylinder CQ2  is available in 15 bore sizes from 12mm to 200mm. It comes standard with male or female piston rod threads. 42 standard options make it one of the most versatile cylinder series on the market. For mounting flexibility, it is possible to mount auto switches on any of the 4 surfaces.

Overview of Thin Pneumatic Air Cylinder CQ2

The Thin Pneumatic Air Cylinder CQ2 is a compact pneumatic air cylinder. It's the world's best-selling pneumatic cylinder and is available in 15 bore sizes from 12mm to 200mm. The CQ2 comes standard with male or female piston rod threads. The CQ2 is compact and reliable, which can effectively save installation space. It's also wear resistant and has good durability. The CQ2 is used in: Textile machinery, Garment machinery, Conveyer equipment, Packaging machinery.

Features of the Thin Pneumatic Air Cylinder CQ2

  • SMC interchange aluminum alloy compact air cylinder

  • Compact and simple design,light weight,cost effective,saving space

  • long service life,lower noise

  • Piston rod #45(ASTM-1045) steel chrome-plated

  • With self-lubricating bearing,lubrication free

  • Bore size12mm, 16mm,20mm,25mm,32mm,40mm,50mm,63mm,80mm,100mm

  • Cylinder kits and repair kits, accessories available

  • Flame-Retardant, Anti-Static, Oil-Resistant, Cold-Resistant, Heat-Resistant, Alkali-Resistant, Skid-Resistance, Wear-Resistant, Acid-Resistant, High Temperature-Resistance

Applications of the Thin Pneumatic Air Cylinder CQ2

Pneumatic cylinders are also known as pneumatic actuators. They're used to provide movement and force to systems, machines, and automated processes. They're particularly common in factory automation systems.

The Thin Pneumatic Air Cylinder CQ2 can be used in a variety of applications and is especially common in factory automation systems. This includes manufacturing, material handling and packaging, where they are used to position or move parts or tools and perform "pick and place" tasks. Other operations include clamping (where workpieces are held in place by cylinder-operated jaws) and stamping (where the thrust of a single-acting cylinder can be used to mark objects).

The CQ2 can be used in:

Textile machinery,Garment machinery, Conveyer equipment, Packaging machinery, Manufacturing, Materials handling, Air grippers, Electric actuators, Vacuum equipment, Temperature control equipment, Static neutralization equipment.

Supplier of the Thin Pneumatic Air Cylinder CQ2

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Bore size (mm)














Double/Single acting spring extent

Single acting spring reurn

Working medium

Clean air

Operating pressure

Double acting

0.1 to 1.0MPA(15 to 145PSI)

Single acting

0.2 to 1.0MPA(28 to 145PSI)

Proof pressure



-20 to 70 °C

Speed range   mm/s

Single acting: 50 to 500mm/s  Double acting:30 to 500mm/s

Stroke tolerance

Stroke≤150    Stroke>150

Cushion type


Port size